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[IP] Re: Schedule of Upcoming American Diabetes Association Expos


>I was at the ADA expo in Boston last year. Whether it is worth the $10 depends on what you expect to get from it. (Also: The local papers had coupons for a couple of dollars off of the admission price.)  All of the meter and pump companies had display booths as did many other companies with diabetes related products. It is a good way to get a hands-on look at all of them  and be able to ask the reps any questions you might have about their products. Warning: the pump and meter booths were the most crowded. I was amazed to see how many people stood in line to have a free blood sugar test!

There were speakers on a variety of topics, but I suspect you would find them all much too basic as they really were covering beginner type info.

Also, there are lots of give-aways....everthing from pens and post-its to samples of skin care products and sugar-free cough meds and candies. I came home with a shopping bag full of stuff.

It's kind of neat to see lots of people walking around with pumps. A few non-pumpers asked me about pumping, so it was a great opportunity to educate other people with diabetes about using a pump and to let them know about IP. 


>Date: Tue, 29 Oct 2002 14:41:08 -0500
>From: RoseLea <email @ redacted>
>Subject: Re: [IP] Schedule of Upcoming American Diabetes Association Expos
>At 11:11 PM 10/28/02, you wrote:
>>>Detroit, MI               Southfield Civic Center Pavilion
>>>November 2, 2002
>I've never been to an Expo.  Since the cost to this one is $10 per person, 
>is it worth the expense?
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