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Re: [IP] Thallium stress test tomorrow

At 04:38 PM 10/29/02, you wrote:
>Susan, not to worry.  You won't have to remove your pump, because the
>radioactivity will be injected in your vein.  No x-rays.
>   The exercise won't last more than 15 min.  They run you till your
>heart rate reaches some predicted level, or until you fall off :-)
>Most people don't last more than 12 min.  Then you lie down quietly
>in the scanner for maybe half an hour, and they try to keep you from
>falling asleep.  Boredom is the only thing to worry about.
>- -wayne
>p.s. you may not glow, but your pee will ;-)

I am very sensitive to any activity (probably because normally I am such a 
slug).  I will probably be doing a stress test soon, and wonder what 
happens if you go low during all of this.  Perhaps I'll just turn my pump 
off or down until it's all over.  Maybe for me it will be a good thing to 
disconnect.  Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

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