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Re: [IP] Nightmares & Lows

> When Joshua was dxd 5+ years ago the 'low' nightmares was something
> that his endo told me about right from the beginning.  He said that
> if Josh complains of having bad dreams (he was only 5 at the time)
> that it was a good indication of a low BG during the night.

Sorry to disagree with the endo, but all 5 of my kids have had 
nightmares for a couple of years starting around 5 years old. Only 
one of them has diabetes. Yes, lows can provoke nightmares, but so 
can being a 5 year old with a vivid imagination. There are some 
tricks you can play on kids that allow them to take control of the 
nightmare -- which effectively eliminates it. Our kids had spider 
dreams so we told them that spider silk is the strongest silk in the 
world (true) and that if the spider was in their dream and they asked 
for some of its silk that the spider had to give them some. This tack 
worked for all the kids and within a couple of weeks after they 
really tried it, the spiders disappeared from the dreams. ahhhh!! if 
all of the bad things in life were so easy to dispose of ..... :-)

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