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[IP] Re: insulin-pumpers-digest V6 #741

  Could someone tell me about a test I am having done. Do I need it? The
optomologist just checked my eyes for retinopathy today. He said I have a
few little spots that come and go. Anyway he says I am fine . But thinks
I should have a test where they put die in my artery or and it goes to my
eyes. They take pictures of my eyes. They can see things they normally
cant see. He said then they have a picture of my eyes to compare to. Also
he says they can see things in the back of my eye that they cant see even
by dialating my eyes. I cant remember the name of the test. Maybe one of
you can and can give me some background on it. Is it safe. They say it
is. He said that if they see something in the back of the eye they can
take care of it before it would be seen by just looking in my eyes. Thank
you for your input. 
Susan & Bunky
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