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[IP] Re: Insulin to Carb Ratio


To answer your question, yes, the "12-13 units a day" includes my basal
insulin.  12-13 is my average, but it has gone up to 17-20 occasionally,
depending on my carb intake for the day.  Like I said, I'm very sensitive.
Since I was only diagnosed 6 months ago, I'm probably still in the honeymoon
phase.  I've been carb counting the entire time and started pumping 2 months
ago.  Just as I need different basal rates at different times of day
(currently 5), I have discovered I need different ratios at different times of
day (more insulin in the morning and less in the evening). Initially after my
diagnosis, I ate more carbs than I currently do, but I eliminated white flour
products, white rice, sugar, starchy foods, etc.  I haven't eaten bagels or
pizza for 6 months.  Dr. Bernstein's diet is a high-protein, low-carb diet,
but I don't starve myself.  When I follow his diet I have great numbers.  When
I try to incorporate starchy things that are on his "No, No's in a Nutshell"
list, it seems my ratios are just a crap shoot.  For example, eating a burrito
with an 8:1 ratio and going over 200 two hours later.  Then, eating that same
burrito with a 7:1 ratio, and going to 50 less than an hour later.  I've tried
to cover this same burrito numerous ways and nothing seems to work, so I don't
eat those burritos anymore or foods like them.  Also, my weight is very

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