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Re: [IP] from column

Don't worry, no one is trying to pose as Maverick's mom if that
is your concern. I am just a maverick mom (buck the status quo,
don't follow the accepted, standard "norms" of parenting, or
anything, for that matter, and just do my own thing and what
works for me and my family), hence the name. (Ask anyone who
knows me!) ;) I've been using this nickname in my email header
for quite some time - long before you joined IP. Ironically, I
changed to this one when my last one, which reflected that I was
a mom of many [8], apparently offended some people. (I give up!)
;) We've written before and it has been there the whole time, but
you must not have noticed it. Rest assured, it's all just
coincidence. Hope this helps explain it and set your mind at

Take care, Kerri aka maverickmom
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Bridget said:
can someone tell me why some messages say from "Maverickmom".  Is
that someone's name out there?  I am Maverick's mom, and I am not
the one sending those messages.  Anyone have any info?
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