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Re: [IP] Southwestern Pennsylvania Pumpers

Hi Cheryl,
    I was just looking for some fellow insulin pumpers that live close to
me. There are plenty of people who go to the Diabetes Education Center who
got me my pump, but I haven't heard of any group or individual type support
network that meets in person.
    My wife and I used to live out in Amity. We moved to Virginia for a
couple of years and then back to PA. I've heard the name Rinky Dink's but
haven't ever been there.
    Maybe people on insulin don't like to get together eh? <grin> Or maybe
they are afraid to go out and have dinner because when everyone boluses at
the same time the beeps would scare the other customers! <very big grin>
    I was kind of hoping to meet someone with a similar lifestyle as mine
who has their pump settings working perfectly. That way I could get some
help with mine. I think I'll be working on this basal thing for quite awhile
because of varying activity and different types of food eaten.
    Take care and keep in touch!

Fellow Pumper,
Cody S. Alderson
----- Original Message -----
> I am from Monroeville, and know of two groups-one is >run by the Joslin
center  and usually meets at one of >several restaurants close to West Penn
> and the other I am not sure of the name off the top of >my head, but do
recall  that they meet at the Holiday Inn >in Greentree (haven't been able
to make any  of their >meetings yet).  Maybe if you try calling the hotel
they >may be able  to give you a contact name, the next flyer I >get in the
mail I will try and  let you know.  You are >welcome to email me off list as
well and we could
> trade phone numbers so we could trade phone >numbers.  I occasionally find
myself out towards that >area (in fact was at Rinky Dinks in Amity just last
> night!).
> Cheryl
> aka Mouse
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