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Re: [IP] Thallium stress test tomorrow

In a message dated 10/29/02 7:50:36 AM Pacific Standard Time, email @ redacted 

> Hi,
> It just happens I had a thallium stress test yesterday.
> I did not disconnect because the machine reads the thallium isotope they
> inject into your blood stream and does not emit anything.  I did keep my
> pump around hip level just to be sure (the machine only moves around your
> chest).
> For the treadmill part, it took me less than 10 minutes to reach my target
> heart rate of 154--I am in *terrible* condition (this was embarrassing 
> since
> the tech looked like a young, *good looking* Tom Cruise!).  He was
> constantly asking if I felt OK, whether it was too difficult, and watched 
> me
> closely.
> I tested every hour (3 hours at the office + 2 hours drive time) and was
> pleasantly surprised that my BGs stayed very stable between 150 and 180.
> It wasn't a bad experience at all--not nearly as bad as I feared.  Not the
> best time I've ever had either....  The worst part was seeing a room full 
> of
> senior citizens who probably could have done better on the treadmill than I
> did!
> As for glowing, this is the 3rd nuclear test I've had this year (also had
> gall bladder and stomach emptying tests), and believe I could be detonated
> over an enemy city, if necessary! <:~)
> Best wishes,
> Lisa

In early Sept I did the Thallium stress test and did not remove my pump. In 
June of 2000 I did the test, and came up with two 25% blockages. In the two 
years since then I have been on lipitor and, have reduced the red meat. The 
results of my last test showed the blockages had been removed. The point is 
if you follow what they tell you to do you can reverse the build up of the 
poison that kills so many diabetic's. The thallium stress test is one of the 
least invasive test's I have ever done. You should not worry how long you 
last on the treadmill just do what is your best. The tech's have people who 
can't run at all and they give them a chemical to achieve the heat rate 
needed for the teat. So don't get in a tizzy about how well or not you do the 
test. Roger C
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