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Re: [IP] tips for traveling to remote, cold location

Thanks for your tips, Lisa, Barbara, and Jackie!  I never thought about typing up a sheet of pertinent medical info, and I also didn't realize that strips were so sensitive to cold and needed to be in an inner pocket close to the body.  It'll be interesting to see if my insulin needs change due to the cold.

Barbara, I chuckled at your question (isn't it only -20C in Churchill at this time?).  I was born in southern California and now live in northern California, so when it's 38-40 F, I think it's freezing!  ;-)

Truthfully, a lot of my anxiety is due to my husband having died while we were in Indonesia far from decent medical care.  That woke me up to the fact that a lot of the places we traveled simply didn't have medical help nearby, and we never really thought much about it.  I've had DM 25 years and never had any problems while on shots, but depending on a mechanical device and using only Humalog has led to problems at times.  When I was in Hawaii this summer, I developed ketones so severe that I began vomiting and was worried I'd need to go to the hospital for IV fluids.  The thing that scared me about that episode is that I can't explain it:  I measured my bg and it was around 100, then I felt dizzy so measured only one hour later, and it was in the 300s!  I have no idea how/why it could go up so fast, so the unexplained makes me nervous.  I did find that my QuickSet was slightly disconnected (not off, but not lined up properly) but I don't know why my bg would be fine one hour and off the charts the next hour.)

But I feel a lot better being proactive and making lists, and your help was invaluable.  Thank you so much.  I'll let you know how the trip was!

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