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[IP] Re:Question for Paradigm users

Summer wrote:
 I just hooked upto my paradigm with saline and am
 still playing with it,
 getting to know it.  I havn't found anything in the
 manual or work book
 about the pump measuring the reservoir volume.  I
 looked it up on the pump
 and it says 127 units and that looks to be correct
 on the reservoir.  my
 question is does the pump read on its own how much
 is in the reservoir??  I
 know I had to enter in the volume on the 508 but
 didn't for the paradigm,
 does it know on its own or did I miss a step and the
 pump just happened to
 be on the right number by fluke??

The Paradigm when fully rewound, is set to a maximum amount as a starting
point. Once you insert the reservoir and start the priming process until a
drop of inulin comes out of the end of your tubing, the pump will be
counting down from this maximum number. So if you only need 125 units of
insulin and do not want to waste insulin by filling the reservoir up
completely, you can do so. The pump will count down while you hold the
prime button in until you stop the count down once the prime is complete. I
think the starting point is 176 units of insulin that the Paradigm is set
to when fully rewound. Now I want to disconnect and rewind to give you
accurate numbers that the start point is. But, I just did a sight change
this morning.
Try this with saline only. Take the reservoir out, rewind completely, go
through the screens until the prime menu comes up, hold the prime button
down for one unit only, skip the fixed prime prompt by hitting the escape
button after it appears on your screen. You should now be able to hit the
escape button and see what your pump  (supposedly) has in it for insulin on
the pump status screen. Add the one unit back into it what you used as a
prime and that will tell you what the max is. Now you can rewind the pump,
insert your saline res. back in and hold the prime button down until a drop
appears at the end of the connection point. Check the screen to see how
much saline is left in pump. In short the Paradigm does the math from a set
start point.

Michael Chambers
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