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[IP] Pump Supplies

My pharmacist just called me, I was in yesterday with the supply order form to see if they would order them.  He called to say supplies are on the way in, and that they are trying to see if they can get it hooked up online like the rest of my prescriptions to be billed direct to insurance.  My insurance had said before I got the pump that they couldn't that the receipts had to be mailed in.  But maybe they won't !!  Either way my supplies will be picked up at the end of my street rather then mailed to me!!!

Things are going smoothly, I'm hooked up with saline and loving this pump I even dunked it in the bath tub just to see if it would blow up - it didn't!!!  I have swimming with it tonight so we'll see how that goes.  Now it's just a matter of waiting for a doctors order to allow my Diabetes clinic to hook me up.  This could be another 2 weeks as my only doctor is my old pediatrician and I am 20 and can no longer see him ( cut off's 18)  he's been refilling my prescriptions but thats it.  I was just told I need a rerefferal to see my endo cause I havn't seen him in close to a year.  But am waiting to see if my Ped will write it.  Then who knows how long it'll take to get in to see him and IF he'll write it.  My other choice which is what I'll do I things don't get moving is have my D-Clinic contact my Endo in Toronto and have him do it.  He comes up 2X a year for clinics.   WE HAVE NO DOCTORS IN THIS CITY!!!!!  the waiting list is thousands long!!

Anyway I'm happy as can be to have my pump in hand.

Summer (dx'd 1986 at age 4)
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