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[IP] could they at least!!!

In a message dated 10/28/2002 11:11:35 PM Eastern Standard Time, email @ redacted writes:

> >>>...pumps used to have a glucagon reservoir in them back in the day, why
> did they take that out???>>>
> ummmmm - that was a prototype. Ain't happened yet. Besides, that pump was
> the size of a backpack. People complain about the 3/4" stack of
> business-card sized pumps now. I sure don't want a backpack 
> pump. YMMV

  yes i definitely dont want a backpack for a pump, but it doesnt necessarily have to be integrated in the pump.."they" can come up with some other kind of implanted medical device/sensor which senses when the blood sugar is at a low level and then fixes the prob by cutting off insulin supply and somehow releasing glucose..

 i honestly dont think, in this day and age, that this should be difficult to develop at all...and i dont understand why this hasnt been done at all, considering how many diabetics have hypo unawareness, where this would literally be a LIFE SAVER....cant this be a band aid that one of the pump companies come up with...geesh, at least make living with this bloody disease easier if you're not gonna cure it altogether!!

   just my thoughts... :) bas
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