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Re: : [IP] Pump training

<<From: email @ redacted
I was wondering how any of you were given training/classes to get ready or 
start the pump>>

Cory's pump arrived in mid Dec so no new training classes were going to be 
scheduled until after the holidays.  He was instructed to watch the video and 
practice  doing everything --   WITHOUT --- actually attaching the pump to 
himself.  He also had to go over all the written material and answer the 
questions.  When he went to his pump training, he met with a MiniMed trainer 
and she reviewed everything with him.  Then she got the information from the 
doctor on how much insulin was needed and when.  Next Cory inserted his new 
site and went to lunch.  After lunch he went back to the meeting with the 
trainer and he had to put in a temp basal and have a snack.  He had bolused 
perfectly for his meal but he still had enough of the old long acting insulin 
on board that he was going too low.  After that we were out of there.  So his 
actual training time with a trainer was about 1/2 a day.  It was a private 
one to one training session.  Just Cory and us.  He has done great too.  No 
additional training was needed.  It really is not hard to learn how to 
operate these pumps.  
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