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[IP] Re: Interesting news story

I'm wondering if she was really undiagnosed type 2 and in HHNK
(hyperosmolar hyperglycemic nonketotic coma) instead of DKA
(there is some crossover in symptoms between DKA and HHNK which
could lead them to think it's one when it's really the other).
Gestational diabetes is most often a precursor to type 2.
But...there are going to be exceptions, I'm sure. I'm curious as
to what the medical people on this list have to say about it...

Take care, Kerri
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RoseLea said:
In the period of
about 20 minutes she had died.  Coroner ruled she died of
ketoacidosis" or DKA as we all know it.  My question is, how
could anyone
have DKA severe enough to kill them with no apparent symptoms?
Is this
really possible?
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