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[IP] Silhouette Help - Thank You!

Thank you to all who answered my plea for help with getting the silhouette
sets in and just starting pumping in general.  I really needed the
combination of "most of us had a hard time starting" and the tips on doing
things differently.

We did change Michelle's set last night and there was blood in the canula.
The new site had her in the low 100's all night!  Yea!  At least I know this
site is working and can concentrate on tweaking the basals and bolus's for
any other highs.

I know this will be better for Michelle as well as giving us better tools to
help her, it is just hard figuring it all out for the first time.

Thank you all again!  This list is great!

Some things I have to try are: inserting shallower, filling the canula with
a little more, trying the butt, and possibly switching to the quicksets if
we keep having trouble with the sils.

If you have any other tips or thoughts on this, I would love to hear from

Oh, and Michelle is four, but still has some baby fat.  She is only using
about 10 units a day.

Pam Taynor
Mommy to Kristy 7 and Michelle 4 (dxd 10/01, pumping one full week!)
Raleigh, NC
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