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Re: [IP] Distubing Problem w/ Disetronic Ultraflex Infusion Set


LOL.....don't worry it actually sounds worse than it is.  My only point was 
that in 3+ yrs of using Tenders, I never had an infusion set crack at the luer 
lock....on the Ultraflex, its now twice since September. You say that you have 
had this happen to you b4???? On the ultrflex or another set?  If you compare 
the ultraflex tubing/joint with that of the Tender.....there is no comparison!  
The Tender was made heay duty style.



  YES!  Save the broken set and call Dis.  They will replace it and send you 
out a mailer for sending in the bad one.  I have had this happen just a few 
times, with Dis and with MM.  But I must tell you, after reading your story I 
would have to think that 'swinging' your pump around by its tether does not 
constitute 'normal' wear and tear on the entire system.  These things are 
good but not THAT good!

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