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[IP] Infusion site failures increasing frequency

I've just been catching up on the past couple day's emails and am confused 
about this topic of failing sites.  I don't understand this problem.  Why does it happen?
I've been on the H-tron for 2 years and have always used Humalog (even b/f
my pump days began).  I change my site about every 3-4 days (more often 4 than 3:-~) and never have
a problem--except a couple times when it has somehow gotten a kink in it (and how/why does that happen anyway!?!)
I'd like to understand why this happens and how the kind of insulin one
uses helps the situation.  How does Novalog differ from Humalog?
I've just never heard of this and was very surprised that many of 
you seem to be familiar with this issue.  Is it something that happens after being on the pump for a longer 
period of time than I've been on it?  
Have you discovered your "remedies" with the help of your endo Dr. or on your own?
I feel a bit clueless.
--janet (Dxd: @3yrs, D:24yrs, H-tron pumper: 2 yrs)
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I wish I could use novolog reliably.   Granted the sites 
longer, but my
 blood sugars hop all over the place when I use it.   On 
 things are
much more stable, but the sites aren't lasting as long now.
This is why I was asking about other insulin analogs on 
the list

 --- George Lovelace <email @ redacted> wrote:
This is becoming annoying.   Anyone experience 
similar issues
and had good
 luck getting around them so that you could get 3 day 
 Brent, I went through the same things.  I started mixing
 Velosulin with the
Humalog to keep my sites going for 2-1/2 days.   Then I
switched to Novolog
 and all those problems disappeared.       :>)
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