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[IP] Re: shower caddy OFF COLOR

I don't golf....I do have to give him lunch money once in a while...
he has feet so I don't  have to "hang" him...he is FUN....the pump clip is 
nothing compared to the whips and chains we have outside the shower.....he's 
got a great "swing" so looking for the balls is never hard....
any more questions Sara?

In a message dated 10/28/02 5:12:23 AM, email @ redacted writes:

<< warning.....not for timid or prudish readers

Deanna wrote:
>I usually clip it to the hanging shower caddy and that works great.

hmm does he carry your golf clubs for you too? Do you have to tip him extra 
to get in the shower with you?  What did you rig up in there anyway that you 
could hang him from?  sounds like FUN!!!  Just out of curiousity, where does 
he find it UNpainful to clip the pump?  Then again, maybe he likes it.  who 
knows...different strokes, so to speak...

I just wonder if clipping it right to him doesn't make looking for the balls 
a lot harder??


sick and twisted and single MUCH too long....Rosalie, how is your neighbor 
doing... >>
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