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Re: [IP] Re: Digest

At 10/28/2002, 09:27 AM jhughey wrote:
 >Michael wrote:
 >> Outlook and OE are probably the worst mail readers that have ever
 >> been developed. I'd urge you to use almost anything else.
 >But aren't there others on this list who use those? Why just 2 of us getting
 >*my* ending posts - and why when I get the digest through Netscape is my
 >post the ending one in the digest? O.E. wasn't even involved. Why is it just
 >now happening. I've been on IP 3 yrs. ?-)

If only you and a few other people are having their mail truncated, then 
there is something going on between us and you. I'd start first with your 
email provider and ask about what's happening. Obviously something is doing 
this, whether by accident or design. Some providers may institute size 
limits on incoming email and just arbitrarily cut it off after a certain 
length. This is most likely to occur if you are using one of the "free" 
email services, but could also happen with others as well if they are using 
aggressive SPAM filters.

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