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[IP] Restaurants & Carbs (was Sweet Binge)

""On that topic, Do restaurants/vendors/makers of food have any requirements for accuracy of nutritional info?  I went to the Steak Escape for lunch and got on-line to get the CHO info to bolus for my lunch--they have that info on their site, I discovered.   I thought their 7" turkey/cheese sandwich ("Grand Gobbler") should be more than the 22.5g CHO that they claim it to have.  I decided I'd "trust them" this first time and check BG closely afterward.
THEY WERE WRONG!  I went up from 100 at lunch to 144 after 2 hours and then 192 another 2 hours later!  
I am going to complain to them but wondered if anyone knew what sort of standards or rules these food businesses have to abide by?--ANY?
--janet (D. since 8/78; H-tron pumper since 6/00)""

Carb counting is not an exact science. Especially with restaurant food I use any nutritional information as just a guideline. I trust my gut - if something looks bigger than I go with my best "guestament". Unless a restaurant is absolutely weighing & measuring every piece of food in a dish then the amounts are going to vary - we hope by not a lot - but sometimes - as in the case above - they can vary a lot. We have to do our best - and make the correction. Also restaurant food will generally have more fat than a dish we would make at home - that usually plays into the mixture as well. So I say enjoy eating out - trust yourself - and realize that few things in life are perfect.

Linda & Dax
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