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Re: [IP] pump serial number list

> What do people think about the pumpers' site maintaining a pump
> "history list". We could put in our pump serial number and then
> write some history about what's been done to it and why, etc. and
> other problems that anyone has had. Chances are some of us will be
> sharing pumps if we send in a pump to be fixed and we get someone
> else's pump back as a "refurbished pump". Wouldn't it be nice to
> know what sort of stuff has already happened to that pump? If we
> didn't want to do it on the pumpers site ( which is in my opinion
> the best place for it) we could do it on my site with a password
> protected area. I'd rather have it on the pumpers' site though...

Brushing aside any potential legal problems, there are way more than 
150,000 pumps in the US alone. The chances of running across your
particular pump in such a list would be miniscule since the original 
owner would have to be an IP member. Besides that, the FDA requires 
the pump companies to keep exactly those records.

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