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[IP] Re:MM replacement pumps/gripe about MM service (kinda long)

> commented on this too (Since I was frustrated after two weird incidents
> that lead up to the quick death of our Paradigm).   The tech's comment
> was that they weren't allowed to comment on their competitors,  but that
> Disetronic furnishes two pumps for a reason-----we'd be needing them both.

Ha, Ha, ha,
       After reading this list for a good long while, this topic comes up 
really often--that of Minimed sales reps making erroneous statements about 
the competition.  Seems that other companies don't do this---wonder why???  
Because they sure could tell a lot of stories if they wanted to.....
       I think that there is no question whatsoever that the Disetronic 
H-tron plus has been the most reliable pump ever marketed.  Its too bad that 
we couldn't see an objective list of percentage of pumps in use and the 
percentage that developed problems.  All intricate items will develop some 
problems, with some of them, but its the rate of problems that we are most 
interested in. 
       Its obvious that any new pump marketed will have glitches to be worked 
out, so if you are buying a brand new model you should be prepared for this.  
 Doesn't mean that you are a guinea pig--this has already been done.  
       However, if you are interested in NOT being without a functioning pump 
at any time, it makes sense to purchase a 2 pump system.  You won't always be 
within driving distance of your sales rep.  

Barbara, Mum of Claire 8--who turned down both Animas and Minimed 508, in 
favour of the H-tron and NEVER regretting it for a moment.    
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