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[IP] Re: MM Refurbished

Pump number one died after less than two years, when all the buttons stopped
working for about five minutes at a time.  The first rep said it was normal,
the second said it was a failure and needed to be replaced.  I never ever
received any phone calls about getting that one back, even though they said I

Refurbished pump number two and three had very loose luer neck levers.  The
part has been redone and is much more secure.  None of my other pumps had good
levers, not even my new one from October 2000.  Finally got MM to send me a
new pump with the redone part.  I never did hear anything about the two
refurbished ones which I sent back, even though they said I would!

There is also a huge problem where no one in my HMO has had their supply bills
paid for about one year, and they say it is MM's fault.  I dont know, I dont
see things nearly as nice and organized as they were for about the first year
of pumping (before Medtronic).
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