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[IP] Distubing Problem w/ Disetronic Ultraflex Infusion Set

After using the Tender Infusion Set (Sillouettes for the MM folks) for about 
3.5 years, I decided to tr out the new Ultraflex sets.  I was getting tired of 
the crimped cannulas.

I've been using the Ultraflex for about 2.5 months now and am somewhat 
concerned now.  Last month I was sitting at the computer....and "playing" with 
my pump ie swinging it around , etc etc.....well I apparently yanked on the set 
too hard, and the infusion line broke/snapped/seperated @ the luer lock!  This 
was the first time that this had happened to me...ever!  I was a little bit 
shocked and actually felt some adrenaline in my system because i started to 
think of the consequences if this had happened when i was out, travelling, etc.

Last night, I'm getting ready to goto bed...and what do i notice?  The line is 
frayed/cracked at the same location at the luer lock.  This is very alarming 
to.  The ultaflex is made out of a different material than the Tender, and is 
not as strong.  Once is a fluke.....twice is a trend.

Has anyone one else had this happen to them?  I am thinking of reporting this 
to Disetronic.  If my memroy serves me corect, all complaints get reported to 
the FDA for review.  What's everybody else's opinion?

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