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Re: [IP] MM replacement pumps/gripe about MM service (kinda long)

On 10/28/02 1:51 AM, "email @ redacted" <email @ redacted> wrote:
> <<And a question for Disetronic owners.  When I explained that I would
> definitely shop Animas and Disetronic when getting a new pump, my local
> MM rep asked about what I heard about those two pumps. I mentioned great
> customer service from A and two pumps with D.  He said that I had to
> realize that Disetronic offers only a two year warranty.  Is this true? >>
> I commented on this too (Since I was frustrated after two weird incidents
> that lead up to the quick death of our Paradigm).    The tech's comment
> was that they weren't allowed to comment on their competitors,  but that
> Disetronic furnishes two pumps for a reason-----we'd be needing them both.

THAT is just another scurrilous rumor propagated by disreputable tech rep
instead of sales people.   I never had problem ONE with my pumps except for
a bad batch of batteries.   My H-trons still serve today as a backup for my
Animas.  Selling a pump with a backup is like a "fail-safe" system.
Minimed only chose what they considered the "cheap route" by depending on
FedEx to get you a replacement overnight/weekend.  I never waited on FedEx
and ONLY changed my pumps regularly to keep the tech inspection from coming
due or because of those bad batteries.   Since Minimed has COPIED the design
of the H-trons with their Paradigm, I wonder when THEY will come out with a
"two pump" deal?   Sounds like they NEED to with the Paradigm.     :>)

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