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RE: [IP] New Pumper

Several things.
Most people, unless they have REALLY tight control with MDI, will typically
reduce their insulin requirements by 25%.
I doubt that you will find anyone who has an Animas pump that would consider
it ANY type of compromise.
The Cosmo looks fantastic on paper, but there are NONE on the market at this
time. So the pump and the customer service has yet to be tested in the real

If you have specific questions about any of the pumps, just post them here
and you'll have plenty of answers to help with you pump decision. Some
things to consider besides or in addition to water resistance are, basal
rates, number of basal patterns, number of button pushes, customer service,
vibrate mode, how temporary basals are programmed, size, etc. etc. I would
recommend a pro/con list, ask for information from each of the pump
companies, talk to the reps, and ask your questions here.

Good luck.
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From: John Anderson

I'm planning to start on a pump in the next month or so and I'm trying to
narrow down the different models available.  Right now I'm between 3 models.
  The Paradigm, the Animas R-1000, and the new Deltec Cozmo.  I definitely
want something waterproof as I love to swim and kayak.  The Cozmo sounds
like it will have a lot new options, but I also don't want to be a guinea
pig for it, since Deltec will start taking orders Nov. 4th.  I'm not sure
about the Paradigm because of the small resevoir.  I know my daily totals
will probably go down after I switch from injections, but right now I'm
using 85-90 units/day.  The Animas seems to be the best compromise right now
but I don't know a lot about how people like it.  If anyone could share
personal experiences with these, especially what they dislike about them, or
if you've heard anything good or bad about the Cozmo I'd appreciate the

John Anderson
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