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Re: [IP] MM replacement pumps/gripe about MM service (kinda long)

hi diana.

so sorry to hear about your experience with minimed! i am sure you have heard a lot of pump
bragging on this list, but i have to put my two cents in: if you are shopping for a new pump,
CONSIDER DISETRONIC. people on the IP list talk about great service from animas a lot, but i can
say that the level of quality service i've gotten from the d-people has been absolutely
unparalleled. they have called me on my three- and six-month pumping anniversaries to congratulate
me and ask me how i liked pumping so far; they have answered the stupidest possible questions from
me ("help, i broke off the luer lock in the adapter!" "what do these beeps mean?" "how do i turn
off those beeps?" "i am wearing a formal dress, where can i hide it?") with the utmost courtesy;
and when i had issues with infusion sets that i never got (turns out they got lost in the
university mailing system), they sent replacements by next-day air straight to my dorm room. i
think they are great, personally; and while my h-trons don't have as many features as some newer
pumps, they have never malfunctioned even with all my abuse of them and are as tough as nails.
having a backup pump is great, too; my pumpy person said that when you switch them (i do every
other month or so), giving each pump a break extends the service warranty. disetronic rocks.

becky =) (dx'd 1/24/92 at age 10, pumping since 11/21/01)

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