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Re: [IP] Hollywood Diabetes Support

>>>>>>Doesn't someone want the job of advising Hollywood on diabetes?  Sara?
I saw CSI last Thursday nite, while munching on my DOVE bar, and 
listened to 
the good guy explain how the bad guy did the murder.  "It's as if you 
gave a candy bar to a diabetic, and you know he's diabetic.">>>>>>>>>

what really cracks me up about this statement is that the guy assumes that the diabetic, who will
die from eating this candy bar, apparently is unaware of the fact that he is a diabetic as the
other guy serves it up to him. "you gave a candy bar to a diabetic, and you know he's
diabetic"--meaning the murderer knows what will happen when it is eaten, but the diabetic doesn't?
i can see it now:
murderous man: here, bob, have a mars bar!
unknowing victim: (reaching out to take candy) why, thanks, jim--GAAAK

becky (dx'd 1/24/92 at age 10, pumping since 11/21/01)

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