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Anybody have an experience with insominia? Ever since I've had DM my quality
of sleep has suffered with problems of getting to sleep and staying asleep. My
Hba1c has been in the 5.x range for the last year. Somebody suggested on the
DiabetesStation.com chat room that this may due to having low blood sugar and
I should have some glucose if I test presleep at 100 or less. So after talking
to my CDE I wanted to lower my basals during my sleep time to reduce my
chances of waking up prematurely. Another piece of advice I got was to check
my sugars right before going to sleep. I have had some success by reducing my
usual basal rate of 0.3 units Novolog per hour down to 0.2 units per hour.
About a year ago my work schedule changed from days to nights so now I work
three and a half 12 hours shifts from 7 pm to 7 am. I don't like this night
work in general and hope to get back to a normal sleep schedule in the near
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