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Re: [IP] MM replacement pumps/gripe about MM service

> Maybe we should start a pump serial number list where we keep the history
> of our pumps and organize them according to serial number. Chances are
> be getting one of yours as my replacement pump. Others could refer to the
> list when they get a replacement pump and look at at least part of its

Great Idea!! I have had 3 different replacement pumps since June. I have
just about had it with the MM tech people. I was on hold one time for over
30min, and then told that someone would have to call me back. The big
problem was that I was at work on my 30 min prep (I work in a school) and
would not be able to sit my cell phone and wait for their call back. I think
that things have gone down hill at MM lately and I think that I will be
looking at another company when my insurance will pay for a new pump.
Unfortunately I have to wait about a year and a half more. Who knows how
many more replacement pumps I will go through by then? My track record isn't
very good right now (3 pumps in 5 months).

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