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Re: [IP] I need help!

We've only been pumping about five months, but I will offer advice based
on our short experience.  Highs in the beginning for us were more often
caused by incorrect ratios or basal rates, and not due to bad sites.  In
the beginning it seems like the sites aren't working, but once you get
the ratios and basals down, the sites seem fine.  As long as Lauren
didn't have keytones, we kept sites in for a while with high numbers
during the first few days.  We used comforts (same as sils) in the
beginning, but I had a hard time getting a consistent angle, and that
affected absorption too.  Once we switched to ultraflex (straight in) the
numbers were more consistent and we could tweak the basals better.  My
daughter is 6 with not much body fat.  Hang in there.  It gets better. 
We are here to help.

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