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[IP] I need help!

My daughter Michelle has now been pumping with insulin for almost one week.
We have had our ups and downs already.

My biggest problem is with insertions.  She will let me do them (with emla),
but I don't think I am doing it just right.  The first one went in fine and we
had great, almost low numbers.  But there was a little background Lantus left.
1/2 dose for the first 24 hours, then whatever was left before fully clearing
her system.  Then she went up a little, but still pretty good.  The doctor
played with her numbers a little.  Then we put the second site in (at 2 1/2
days).  She had numbers in the 2 and 3 hundreds for a day.  I could tell she
was getting insulin, but I didn't think enough.  I was about to change sites
when it all suddenly clicked and her numbers went down.  Yesterday she was
even low once.

Last night would have been 3 days and the numbers were good, but the doctor
said to changed sites every 3 days.  I botched the first site change.  It
started bleeding when I put it in, so I took it out.  The second try didn't
work either.  She was getting very upset at this point so we let the old site
stay in her and tried again this morning.  Her numbers were fine overnight.
This morning (after breakfast) the change went fine.  Her 2 hours after
breakfast number was a little high.  Her before lunch number was a little
high.  Her 2 hour after lunch number was "HI".  I gave her a shot to bring
that down.

I double checked that I bolused the right dose for what she ate for lunch.  I
told Michelle I would see what the before dinner number was and use the pump
for dinner, but if she was really high after dinner, we would have to change
sites again tonight.  She was not happy.

Please give me some tips on inserting a Silhouette!  We have been using the
Sil-serter, but can't seem to get everything right.  This is so frustrating!

Thank you for any help,
Pam Taynor
Mommy to Kristy 7 and Michelle 4 (dxd 10/01, pumping with the Paradigm 10/02)
Raleigh, NC
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