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Re: [IP] Sweet Binge

I'm not diabetic.  My son is.  But I am in the process of trying to lose 100 
pounds (OK now the truth about me is out!!!)  I am doing this successfully so 
far through Weight Watchers.  I started out doing the points counting and the 
whole bit, but now I'm not really counting the points any more.  BUT, I have 
changed my eating habits, especially my snacking.  This is what I have 
discovered.  First of all, for ice cream I have found a couple of 
substitutes, that, quite frankly, are just as good tasting but much better 
for you.  Philly Swirls at COSTCO have 11 carbs, they are a non-dairy ice 
cream bar that comes in these incredible flavors like Cotton Candy (close 
your eyes and you will honestly believe you are at the fair eating CC.) 
RazzleDazzle, Fudge, Orange-Vanilla Swirl, and several more.  Josh and I 
fight over these.  I recently found Blue Bunny Ice Cream Bars which are 18 
carbs, very low fat, very sweet tasting and very yummy!!  Orange/Vanilla 
Swirl, Raspberry/Vanilla Swirl, Fudge/Vanila Swirl and solid Fugde.

Next and now my favorites, especially when you REALLY need/WANT something 
sweet...Quakes Mini Rice Cakes, especially the Carmel flavor and the Apple 
Cinnamon, but also comes in cheddar Cheese and a couple of other flavors.  
THESE are incredible, practically no fat,  8 cakes is 11 carbs, they are 
crunchie, sweet, and really delicious.  For WW these are only ONE point.  
Another 'sweet thing' can be cottage cheese mixed with some canned fruit that 
has been rinsed off.  I especially like pineapple.

Anyway, I just know that so far I have lost 20+ pounds, I almost get ill when 
I eat something heavy like a small slice of cheese cake I had at a meeting 
last week, or regular ice cream, and I don't feel like I'm missing out on 

Good Luck!

mom to Joshua
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