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Re: [IP] MM replacement pumps/gripe about MM service (kinda long)

I don't  mind so much getting a pump that has a different look and feel but 
the thing is , is I have no idea of the history of the replacement pump. If 
it is refurbished... what condition was it refurbished FROM? At least with 
my own pump, I know I've owned it from when it was new. So I know I've 
never dropped it , or dunked it in water, etc. Stuff like that . And I've 
always tried to be very gentle with the buttons,  and all the other parts 
associated with it.

Maybe we should start a pump serial number list where we keep the history 
of our pumps and organize them according to serial number. Chances are I'll 
be getting one of yours as my replacement pump. Others could refer to the 
list when they get a replacement pump and look at at least part of its history. 
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