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Re: [IP] MM replacement pumps/gripe about MM service (kinda long)

On 10/27/02 12:05 PM, "Clayton" <email @ redacted> wrote:

> And a question for Disetronic owners.  When I explained that I would
> definitely shop Animas and Disetronic when getting a new pump, my local
> MM rep asked about what I heard about those two pumps. I mentioned great
> customer service from A and two pumps with D.  He said that I had to
> realize that Disetronic offers only a two year warranty.  Is this true?

Yes and No!    Heh,heh, your rep told you the truth.  But they did tell it
Poorly!   You see the H-trons (I presume the new D-tron Plus also) are
programmed to operate for 30 months EACH at which time they shut down to
require a technical inspection.  You do get a four year warranty covering
the TWO pumps, in effect 2 years each.   It is Highly recommended that a
Disetronic user regularly switch between pumps (every 6 months) so as not to
hit a tech inspection shut down before your warranty period is expired.  So
believe what you want from a competing companies claims.      :>\

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