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[IP] MM replacement pumps/gripe about MM service (kinda long)

Jan stated: " You should have your choice in about 8-12 weeks whether or
not you want to keep the
refurb or your original which will also then be refurbished."

It USED to be that way, but somewhere around the first of October, MM
decided that most people keep the loaner sent to them and did not want
their original pumps back, so they will longer return your original
pump.  Period.  No choice.

I had been thrilled with MM's customer service and tech support until
Friday evening when my less-than-two-year-old 508 had a complete nervous
breakdown and quit.  The people doing triage for the tech support were
NOTHING like I had found before with MM.  They were somewhere between
perfunctory and snippy, and were not the least bit concerned that my
pump was no longer working.  I love being read (over and over again)
that all the techs are busy helping other customers and someone would
call me back.  [This concerned me a good bit, since recent return phone
calls for information had taken several hours from California and a
whole weekend from my local rep.]

I gave up with the triage person and waited for the tech.  She called in
about 20 minutes, ascertained that we had Saturday Fed Ex delivery and
promised me a pump by noon the next day. (And the pump was here right
around noon on Saturday).  The tech was professional about it, but
definitely did not demonstrate the same attitude I had sensed a couple
of years again when I needed help.  THEN, I was questioned about my
well-being, reassured someone was standing by and so on.  NOW,  I had
the definite sensation that as long as they can fill in all the blanks
on some form, they're done and ready to go to the next customer.  It was
disappointing.  I had occasion to call about a couple of other things
during this time period and encountered the same thing at triage.  I
have complained and talked with a tech supervisor who wanted details of
all this and who said they wanted to make sure people do not come away
with the impressions I now have.  But she also told me that those are
TEMPS doing triage.  Somebody in Human Resources has rocks in his or her
head!!!  A company really shouldn't have someone in first-line customer
response who has no vested interest in that company.  The supervisor
said that there 30 techs in training and things should be back to the
"old form" soon; techs should be answering calls directly.

In the meantime, I am not happy that no one can tell me why I cannot
have my old pump back.  The replacement has a different "feel" and
"voice"--- and I miss the old one.  Bratty of me?  Maybe.  Overly
sensitive?  Could be.  Childish?  Well, what if I WERE a child?   Why on
earth should a kid not have what they are accustomed to?  I realize that
pumping insulin is indeed a great privilege, but doggone it, the amount
of money laid out for these things ought to provide a few "rights"!

And a question for Disetronic owners.  When I explained that I would
definitely shop Animas and Disetronic when getting a new pump, my local
MM rep asked about what I heard about those two pumps. I mentioned great
customer service from A and two pumps with D.  He said that I had to
realize that Disetronic offers only a two year warranty.  Is this true?
(And yes, I pointed that my 508 was dead before it's second birthday.)

Thanks for listening.  I get frustrated jousting at windmills.

Diana Clayton
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