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Re: [IP] why not waterproof? why does it matter?

Can't have everything ???

Here's a small analogy:

NASA discovered that their pens did not work in zero gravity of outer
space and  on the moon. They started studies and Researched a way of
making them work in all possible conditions, including under-water during
training sessions for zero gravity. To make the story shorter, it finally
cost $ 12 million dollars to solve the problem. They now have pens that
work, anywhere, everywhere, in any possible conditions.

The Russians, during the same period, used PENCILS.

Pump manufacturers, will put in as many bells and whistles, as is
possibly feasible,  as long as the pumps will sell.

I agree with Sara, no matter the bells and whistles, I would disconnect
for showers and baths, as well as swimming, in order to protect a $ 5700
investment in my well-being.

As long as it delivers the insulin we need, which is the main reason we
buy it for.

Michel J. Boucher Air Traffic Control Simulation email @ redacted If
the Black Boxes can survive an airplane crash, why don't they make the
whole aircraft with that stuff !!!!!!!!    >Bottom line...it is still
gonna do the same thing insulin wise... > >SSPAZ
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