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Re: [IP] Re:PoP Chat reminder

Wow! You guys are making me feel guilty! :-)  "We try to go out on Saturday 
My daughter, age 16, had had diabetes since age 3.  We not only go out as 
often as we can for our own piece of mind and to reconnect, but I allowed her 
to spend the night at friends houses since age 4. There is very little that I 
have not allowed her to do because of diabetes.  She played on a travel 
soccer team since age 9, 2 hours of practice a night and 3 or more games a 
week.  She was on a swimteam since age 5 and played on the basketball teams.  
I did go to all practices and sit when she was younger and was always envious 
of all the parents that could just drop their kids off for 2 hours, in fact 
after awhile, everyone started asking me to take and bring home their kids, 
which got to be old.  I guess I feel I deserve to go out once a week.  My 
husband is a workaholic and is NEVER home or helpful, so I make him take me 
out once a week whether he wants to or not. LOL   You all need a break once 
in awhile.  
                                                             Take care, Lisa 
H. from Columbus, Ohio
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