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[IP] Hollywood Diabetes Support

Hi all-
Doesn't someone want the job of advising Hollywood on diabetes?  Sara?
I saw CSI last Thursday nite, while munching on my DOVE bar, and listened to 
the good guy explain how the bad guy did the murder.  "It's as if you gave a 
candy bar to a diabetic, and you know he's diabetic."

I figure this must NOT apply to me since I'm female, but it'll probably set 
me back 30 years with my family.  What I don't understand is how and why 
this continues. Some of my family and friends think I will die if sugar ever 
touches my lips, although I guess they don't know what those Glucose tabs I 
carry around really are.

They think I need insulin when I'm low and the only reason for a high is bad 
behavior,  Yeah, I know, we've been over this a zillion times.  I guess I 
like the CSI program, but now think the writers are ignorant and not very 
thorough.  As a writer it disturbs me, or maybe I'm just dying from oding on 
the Ghosts of Candy Past.

Done now.

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