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RE: [IP] Stupid Question about Daylight Savings Time & Pumps

It will be fine. Say you change the pump clock back at 11pm. The pump will
deliver your basal for the hour 10-11 hour(old time) then you changed the
clock and the pump sees it as 10pm now. The pump will deliver your 10-11
basal again, but the actual physical time elapsed is 2 hours, so unless you
have a very large change in basal pattern from one hour to the next, you
should be fine.

-----Original Message-----
From: Wililiam & Rochelle

Hey everyone a real quick question. At 2am when you are supposed to turn the
clocks back an hour how is that going to affect the pump? Will it give an
extra basal in one hour? Or will we loose one of our basals? I'm so
confused.. Heather just went ahead and changed the time on her pump.. but
i'm wondering if she should bolus for that lost basal??or will it be lost??
Please someone direct me so i'm not confused lol..
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