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In a message dated 10/26/02 8:31:58 PM Eastern Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> You may THINK you counted and heard 4 beeps, but 
> maybe not!!  Is it worth the extra .5 or 1.0 unit not to have to dig it out 
> of your shirt to manually bolus??  Steps of .5 and 1.0 step are too gross 
> (meaning not fine-tuned enough - i am not talking "booger" gross here) for 
> me, as I am fairly insulin sensitive...if I NEED 3.2 units for something 
> and 
> i do an audio bolus for 3.5, I am getting  a tad more insulin than I 
> need...and if I was set on 1.0 increments, what if I had bolused 4.0 - way 
> too much.  I think it would be safer, if you already know you have problems 
> with lows, just to bolus the 3.2 units and be done with it??

I just wanted to tout the Paradigm once more . . . they let you program your 
bolus steps.  I mean you can program your pump to go by increments of . 3, or 
.2, or .4.  Whatever you want.  I prefer 0.2 because I found on average my 
boluses were for just over or just under a 0.5 increment, and it has worked 
out great!!!  I also strongly recommend visual verification of a bolus.  We 
literally spend days in cumulative time waiting for stop lights, grocery 
lines, and microwave popcorn . . . what's 1.5 seconds to look down at the 
pump to verify the bolus amount?  Especially in comparison with the amount of 
time spent trying to recuperate a low, or to catch up to a hi, or worse.
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