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[IP] question taking it off

Shirley wrote:
> Does the pump have to be removed for tests like 
> CT Scans, Mammograms,X-Rays, Colonoscopys, 
> minor surgical procedures  etc.?If so how do you handle it

I have taken mine OFF for CT scans of my stomach, xrays of everything (except 
my teeth - just put the pump under the lead cover), but those are fairly 
quick things...just unhook, let them do it, then  hook back up...for the CT 
scan I just bolused half of the the expected missed basal insulin, then 
bolused the other half when i hooked back up - think it was about 40 
minutes...a grand total of .4 units...ooooohhhh. I am due for my first 
mammogram so I couldnt tell you about that

 I wore my pump through 2 vitrectomies, a cataract surgery, countless lasers, 
and a laparotomy to extract the alien that WAS my appendix.  I left it ON for 
the barium enema, the external AND internal ultrasound, and a few other 
invasive things you can read all about if you visit the archives for Hospital 
101 in Jan/Feb 1998.   Unless I am so out of it and unable to test my blood, 
adminster boluses or train someone how to do it, the pump will never leave my 
body.  They tend to put up a fuss when you want to take that germ covered 
thing into surgery...they will put it in a baggie for you...just dont tell 
them where the TUBING has been...hehehe

For eye surgery...no problem...get a note from your endo or have him talk to 
your eye guy...if you are gonna be unconscious...talk to the anesthesia guy 
FIRST...tell him NOT to remove the pump and teach him how to bolus and 
suspend...you learned, so can he, and chances are getting better and better 
that you may get one who has experience.

I suggest making sure you have a good fresh site, with a full reservoir the 
day before your surgery so you don't have to worry about that for a couple 
days.  Then have someone meet you post  op, either in recovery, if you are 
getting doped up, or in your room after - hopefully you have already trained 
this person on how to use the pump. 

After my first vitrectomy in 1994, I couldnt see cuz they had both eyes 
bandaged but, in between vomiting into the bucket (due to my unknown allergy 
to anesthesia), I did the poking of the finger...my sister aimed the strip at 
the blood, told me what the meter said, and i walked her through a bolus - 
s'nont rocket science...2nd vitrectomy, they only covered the one eye so it 
was no problem to do it all myself...and of couse, no problem after laser...

what kind of surgery are ou getting?

Sara SP.
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