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RE: [IP] MiniMed Warranty

> I'll never understand why ALL insulin pumps aren't made to be
> waterproof. Disconnection should be an option, not a neccessity. I
> have a MM508. I hate it.

there are NO waterproof pumps. Most are water RESISTANT to a very 
shallow depth for a "while".

If you are foolish enough to repeatedly get your $5000 pump wet, 
eventually it will turn up its toes and die on you. Bear in mind that 
a pump is water resistent to the specification when it is BRAND NEW. 
Things get old just like us. Being able to shower or accidentally 
drop the pump in the toilet without damage is one thing, purposefully 
immersing a $5k piece of equipment in water is entirely another.

Just one man's opinion :-)

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