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Re: [IP] 508 malfunction

Hi, Yes my 508 did it to me today as a matter of fact. I went to bolus 
for my meal and it gave me the prime screen. If it happens once more I 
will contact Minimed. Let me know how yours turns out.  

jhughey wrote:

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>Susan wrote:
>>>>Has anyone seen this on a 508? The buttons seem to be really screwing up.
>When I press select, like I want to set up a bolus, instead of showing the
>last bolus, it does a verify battery, where everything lights up, and then
>goes back to a normal screen.
><snip> This is just what I need. (not) I supposed MM will charge me for
>this fixed? And plus I have to actually call them and deal with them.>>>
>MM has a toll-free # printed right on the pump. Is your pump under warranty?
>Why would one be afraid to call them - other than hearing a few horror
>stories on this list? You may be pleasantly surprised.
>I have used MM products since '92 and have had great service - this is my
>second version of pump with them. I have also kept any replacement pumps I
>have needed, including when I had CPI/Lilly pumps. Please, call MiniMed and
>tell them this problem. The warranty is for 4 years - as with alllllll the
>other pump companies. (~_^)
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