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[IP] 508 malfunction and avoiding lows

Good grief!  that is a horrible story and i am so glad you alive!!  I am 
assuming you always test before you drive, so this low must have come on 
really suddenly with no symptoms!  had you been experiencing no symptoms for 
a while?

I hope some technician can prove that the pump changed its settings on its 
own, over- delivering these bolus for god knows how long and possibly even 
causing this terrible accident, but I fear it might come back down to user 
error...You might want to contact your local MNMD rep and explain what is 
going on, with the legal situation...perhaps they will then be more willing 
to let you keep the pump...

On a separate but related issue, in my not so humble opinion, I would suggest 
to those who have problems with lows, whether it is a pump malfunction or 
not, that first of all, you not aim for blood sugars of 80-120!  Over time, 
you can lose your hypo awareness, and it is a short hop from 80 to 40, 
whereas, if you raise your target to something like 100-150, it is a much 
more noticeable drop to 40, and you may get your low symptoms back

Secondly, I would suggest that those with low problems NOT rely on the audio 
bolus!  For one, you can not CONFIRM with 100% accuracy that you got what you 
thought you programmed...You may THINK you counted and heard 4 beeps, but 
maybe not!!  Is it worth the extra .5 or 1.0 unit not to have to dig it out 
of your shirt to manually bolus??  Steps of .5 and 1.0 step are too gross 
(meaning not fine-tuned enough - i am not talking "booger" gross here) for 
me, as I am fairly insulin sensitive...if I NEED 3.2 units for something and 
i do an audio bolus for 3.5, I am getting  a tad more insulin than I 
need...and if I was set on 1.0 increments, what if I had bolused 4.0 - way 
too much.  I think it would be safer, if you already know you have problems 
with lows, just to bolus the 3.2 units and be done with it??

oh well, just my opinion...again, so very glad you are ok and hope you get 
the pump trauma straightened out....i had a friend who killed her self and 2 
innocent people in another car about 12 years ago due to low blood sugar, so 
I feel very strongly about testing before driving (and during...)

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