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[IP] why not waterproof? why does it matter?

personally I could care less if the pump is water proof.  I shower every day 
-sometimes twice, and dont want to have to worry about it slipping off the 
soap dish or looping it around my neck or something equally inconvenient...I 
tell ya, even if it WAS waterproof I would STILL take it off in the 
shower...and in the ocean or lakes as well...I have had sites ripped out and 
never felt them go...can't exactly dredge the bottom of the lake looking for 
a pump, can I?  Surely, as a good consumer, if you were someone who spends a 
lot of time in the water, you would have purchase which ever one is the most 
waterproof....IS there one that is 100% water proof??? dont answer...i dont 
really care.

I am sure future generations of diabetics, left uncured by the tight fists of 
goverment and private citizens, will all enjoy water proof pumps....but then 
we may need them to be adjusted for zero gravity when we move on to the 
moon...or will they let us defectives up there even?  As Roseanne 
Roseannadanna said, it's always SOMETHING!  Nothing is ever gonne be perfect, 
and the pursuit of perfection is a waste of time anyways.  Change takes 
time...You younguns may not remember this, but a mere  5 years ago, we 
started a wish list on IP for the next generation pump.   we all wanted a 
vibrate mode, we all wanted multiple basal rate profiles...and a year 
later...MNMD debuts the 508...is this a great country or WHAT!!?!?  hell when 
is started pumping almost 10 years ago - they didnt have back lit screens! 
When SOME of us started pumping, you had to alternate batteries every day, 
recharging one while using the other!  used to be HUGE too!!

if you hate your pump cuz of its lack of bell and whistle functionality, then 
perhaps you can get a Disetronic or which ever of the new ones is water 
proof...some are merely water-tight or water-resistant which as we all know, 
is not the same thing as water-proof.  

Bottom line...it is still gonna do the same thing insulin wise...

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