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RE: [IP] 508 malfunction

  Here's the problem I had with my MM508m a VERY serious one at that. I was having an unusual number of severe lows. We changed basal rates, carb/insulin ratios, tried using the "patterns" option for work/off days.... you name it. A couple of weeks ago, (Sun. Sept.29th) I totaled my 1994 Isuzu Rodeo, crashing into a concrete storm basin and then rolling it onto it's passenger side. I was banged up but had my seatbelt on, avoiding serious injury. The worst part is that I had a bloodsugar of 23 at the accident scene. went to the ER, treated and released, blah blah blah. Here's the shocker: I normally wear the pump in my sock and (foolishly I suppose) rarely pay attention to the Beeps when I bolus. I simply count how many times I ou sh the button and rely on that. My old H-Tron had no "confirmation beeps" so what the hell, right? Several days after my wreck, I was bolusing after a meal. 3 units and it was clipped to my waist band. Each button push should give one beep, .5 units!
 of Humalog. All of a sudden one button bush gives 2 Beeps!! I cancel and start over. several pushes of the button gives 2 and ever 3 beeps. In the end, what should have been 3 units of Humalog ended up being 5!! This was confirmed by the amount shown on the screen. I of course did NOT activate it and tok insulin by injection instead. HOW MANY TIMES HAD THIS HAPPENED TO ME BEFORE THAT I WAS NOT AWARE OF??!! I called MM immediately. They Fed-Ex'd me a new pump by 10am the following day. Since then I've been told I should hang onto the first pump because there may be legal problems. Loss of license? Insurance surcharges? What else? MiniMed has now contacted me 3 separate times insisting I send them their pump. The new one they sent me works fine, no problems. I have brought this to the attention of my Endo, my CDE, my family, anyone I can think of. I've demonstrated the pump doing what I've described, shocking each who has witnessed it. PHEW.... I've rambled on long enough. An!
y suggestions?

                                          Jeff R. 


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