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[IP] MiniMed Warranty

A little over 2 years ago, I got too close to a MRI
machine that was on with my pump.  It started doing
very strange things after that.  (It would beep for no
reason, I got strange alarms, and I would bolus, then
it wouldn't give it to me).  I called MiniMed and told
them the story.  It was my fault, I shouldn't have
gone by the MRI machine.  They took back the pump and
I got a different one (eventually they told me they
couldn't fix my original one).  No charge involved. 
Several months after this I went out west, when we
drove across the mountian range a spot appeared on my
screen, like mositure was under it.  This spot grew
progressively.  SO when I got back home I called.  I
once again got a different pump sent to me.  Since
then I've been fine.  The second time wasn't
particularly my fault (although the report that came
on that one was that there was "user damage to the
screen that allowed mostuire in" or something to that
effect).  I wasn't charged either time.  That has been
my experience with MiniMed.

Maureen dx 10/94 pump 4/99

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