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RE: [IP] you break it,. you bought it (warranty)

I can't speak to the warranty of lack of, on the MM pump, but I can with the
Animas pump. Lindsey cracked the LED in her's with a heavy door at school,
albeit a fluke, it was definitely user error. Called Animas, told them what
happened, and they sent a new one overnight. Could have had a loaner within
an hour for our rep, but since the LED was still somewhat readable, we
decided we could wait till the following morning to get a new one. Don't
know how they are with adults, but with kids, it's get them a new pump and
get on down the road.

$495 for a kid being a kid? That sux. Wonder what it actually costs to
manufacture a new insulin pump?

Mike Swaithes
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> Noah got in a hot tub...before he realized he hadn't disconnected.
> hey are charging us $495 to replace it.  Is that how the warranty works

I believe it even says something to that effect in the materials (I just
them now, I am on pump #3 or 4 I forget....) - kinda like a china plate -
break it after you buy it....you gotta pay to get it fixed....i think this
might be where that homeowners policy would come in handy....

I WOULD have recommended drying it out real good and then neglect to mention
the 5 minute dunking and tell MNMD it just died, but I dont want you all to
think I am an immoral, subversive, twisted, freak...hey wait - you already
thing that dontcha...oh well...next step is check with your homeowners...

Sara SP AZ
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