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[IP] dressing for a ball

worst case scenario, you disconeect for a few hours and take your handy dandy 
insulin pen. If you are going to be going in a skin baring, tight fitting 
dress, and you are thin with a small bust, thre is NO where you can truly 
"hide" this sucker, unless you push it up ...  well - never mind. i think 
THAT would certianly void the moisture warranty, so don't do that...

No need to deal with NPH or lente or anything...just unplug as you get out of 
the car...leave the pump there...OR even better...take the pump in your 
purse...have your site somewhere on your leg, easily accessible under a 
table...plug in inobtrusively, bolus and then unplug again...no need to even 
go to the bathroom...of course if your dress is so tight that even the site 
would show, or you can't shimmy it up your leg to get to the site, you got 
other things to think about. tee hee

As I never go sleeveless, thanks to years of insulin caused hypertrophy in my 
arms, I usually pop it in the sleeve if the dress i am wearing is 
close-fitting, or there is no waist to attach it to.  It is pretty easy to 
get to...in my picture on IP that is where it is..

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